I’m writing this post from a hospital bed and as I ponder my situation (which isn’t dire, so please don’t worry), I remember again that I have 2 choices.

I can choose to be a victim, feeling sorry for myself and cursing my circumstances.

I can take out my frustrations on the harried nursing staff and be a demanding diva.

I can ask “why me?” Imagining myself as unfortunate.

I can grumble about everything that I’m missing while I’m here.

Or I can choose to smile.

To shrug my shoulders.

To be pragmatic.

To be kind and generous to the staff and other patients.

To pray for those around me.

To be grateful that I am in good hands and will be going home soon.

To take advantage of the opportunity to slow down and be thankful for my Kindle’s long battery life.

Are the circumstances ideal? Of course not.

Did I choose them? Not at all.

But do I get to choose my response? Every single time!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll be up and about in no time.