Well, here we are again, at the end of another year.

2017 was the biggest year yet for this humble little blog.  I made it to the 2,000 post milestone, traffic has continued to increase and I have now reached almost 2 million views in total.

Thanks everyone for your support this year, I really appreciate all of you and trust that 2018 will be your best year yet.

Here are the 10 posts that have generated the most traffic in 2017:

  1. The Emperor’s Seed – A Story About Integrity
  2. The Two Rabbits – A Story About Wisdom
  3. 50 Great Coaching Questions
  4. The Retiring Carpenter – A Story About the Life We Build for Ourselves
  5. The Two Travellers – A Story About Optimism
  6. Three Feet From Gold – A Story About Perseverance
  7. The Eagle and the Chickens – A Story About Who You Are Meant to Be
  8. The Young Buffalo – A Story About Facing Your Fears
  9. The Three Stages of Volcanoes – Which One Describes You?
  10. Peter and the Golden Thread – A Story About Living in the Moment

The top 10 was quite different from last year, with a few posts shuffling around and a few new posts appearing.

Thanks again for your support in 2017.  I’m very excited about the year ahead and can’t wait to get started.

Did you have a favourite post from this year?