December 2018

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018

28th – My Favourite Books From 2018

27th – Horrid, Average or Extraordinary

26th – Get Into the Ring

25th – A Glutton and Immanuel

24th – Christmas Lunch and Your Goals

21st – Before

20th – While No-one is Watching

19th – The 2018 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

18th – For Those About to Rock

17th – What Three Things Will You Do Today?

14th – Focus on What You Love

13th – Who You Are, Who You Will Become

12th – Be Generous This Christmas

11th – When the Band on My Fitbit Broke

10th – Ignore It or Ignite It

7th – When She Walked Down the Aisle, We Started an Adventure

6th – There’s No Excuse for Not Growing

5th – Find Joy in the Pursuit

4th – Even If No-one Notices

3rd – A Good Second Impression

November 2018

30th – What We Anticipate, We Create

29th – When You’re Going Through Hell

28th – Waiting For Inspiration

27th – What You Do Next…

26th – Why You Should Put Your Heart Into Your Work

23rd – Busy as a Badge of Honour

22nd – You May Not Be Able To Do Much

21st – You’re Not a Stick

20th – The Better Choice

19th – And Another, and Another, and Another

16th – Three Minutes Apart

15th – You May Never Reach the Pinnacle

14th – Motion Matters

13th – What Are You Going To Launch Today?

12th – Do It Anyway

9th – You Are Different

8th – Guess Whose Album We’re Not Talking About?

7th – The Difference Between Survivors and Warriors

6th – Show Your Work

5th – One Thing That We All Have in Common

2nd – Don’t Try To Predict the Future, Create It

1st – Great Musicians Aren’t Great Musicians Just Because They’re Great Musicians

October 2018

31st – Not Very Hard and Hard Enough

30th – When You Pray For Rain

29th – There Will Be Moments

26th – Don’t Let Them Get To You

25th – The Reliable Courier

24th – Three Destinations, With One Strategy To Get There

23rd – Who’s Driving?

22nd – You Can’t Go Wrong With Love

19th – Shrink the Size of Your But

18th – Gradatim Ferociter

17th – Hey, Next Play

16th – You Can Quit If You Want To

15th – Up or Down?

12th – Just Turn Up

11th – Dispensing Enthusiasm

10th – Lack = Opportunity

9th – In the Gap

8th – What You Bring is What You Get

5th – Do You Recognise Greatness?

4th – Make the Most of the Time You Have

3rd – Where Does Happiness Come From?

2nd – The Dilemma With Clean Gardening Gloves

1st – Grooming Groodles

September 2018

28th – Just Get Closer

27th – Mastery or Mediocrity

26th – Can’t or Won’t

25th – What Fear and Faith Have in Common

24th – Be Human

21st – It’s Time for Mutiny

20th – You Don’t Need to Know Your Purpose to Live With Purpose

19th – The Struggle

18th – Fear is a Liar and a Thief

17th – Become Mountain Climbers, Not Astronauts

14th – Now, Not When

13th – Pick Up the Mic

12th – Undefeated

11th – Consolation Prize

10th – Walk With the Wise

7th – Take Your Chances

6th – Dress For Them All

5th – Finding Your Second Wind

4th – The New Commitment

3rd – Don’t Wish Your Life Away

August 2018

31st – The Best Reader in the Room

30th – Go Get It

29th – Someone Noticed

28th – Demand More

27th – It Makes a Difference

24th – Authenticity Beats Perfection

23rd – What Will You Learn Today?

22nd – Your Goal Isn’t To Please Everyone

21st – Waiting For an Invitation

20th – Don’t Just Write Them on the Wall

17th – Don’t Let Your Days Become a Blur

16th – You Do Have Time

15th – There’s Always Something to Celebrate

14th – Help Them Believe

13th – Those Hurdles in Front of You

10th – Reinforcing Your Beliefs

9th – Building Confidence

8th – Who Fires Your Starting Pistol?

7th – It Wasn’t That Bad

6th – Nervous or Excited?

3rd – That Dream of Yours

2nd – The Cautionary Tale of…

1st – The Next Five Minutes

July 2018

31st – Inch by Inch

30th – What Would You Add?

27th – Is it Time to Change the Heat Settings?

26th – 3 Factors To Consider Regarding Your Skills

25th – Catch Them Doing Something Right

24th – Are You Fitting In or Leading?

23rd – Join the Parade

20th – You Can Give Up or Get Up

19th – Who Benefits?

18th – Set High Expectations

17th – Focus On What You Can Do

16th – No Caption Required

13th – Distinct or Extinct?

12th – Before You Go On Stage

11th – Don’t Just Assume That It Will Get Better

10th – How Do You Show That You Care About What You Do?

9th – And So, Another Journey Begins

6th – Plant Now

5th – Your Level, Their Level

4th – Cut and Paste

3rd – Just Add Condiments

2nd – Unicorns May Not Exist

June 2018

29th – It’s Hard To Beat Teams That Act Like This

28th – Use Them For Good

27th – Before You Shoot and Apple Off Someone’s Head

26th – The World is a Great Liar

25th – It’s Not What Happens To Us That Matters

22nd – Clowns, Handkerchiefs and Ideas

21st – Here’s to New Adventures

20th – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

19th – How Are You Training Yourself?

18th – The Best Is Yet To Come, But Only If…

15th – Half Measures Won’t Do

14th – Constant Reminders

13th – We’re Happy When We’re Grateful

12th – I Don’t Know What You Were Born To Do

11th – Go Again

8th – A Good Life is Not One That is Free From Struggle

7th – Yesterday’s Wood Won’t Fuel Today’s Fire

6th – Do It Well Now

5th – You Can’t Outsource Parenting

4th – Venting Your Opinion

1st – You’re Not What You’ve Done (Or Haven’t Done)

May 2018

31st – Hot and Cold Taps

30th – It Can Make You or Break You

29th – Those Who Can’t Take Risks

28th – Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

25th – The Envelope – A Story About Getting Things Done

24th – We Need Less Pundits and More Participants

23rd – Not Good Yet

22nd – Stop Looking Out the Window, That’s Not Where the Action Is

21st – I Don’t Know What the Next Step Is

18th – Before You Buy a Horse

17th – The Effect You Have On Others

16th – Reliability is Under-Rated

15th – What If You Had 10% More Confidence

14th – Make … Better

11th – You’ve Made It This Far

10th – Every Brush Stroke Matters

9th – Not Perfect, But Still Awesome

8th – Make History, Don’t Repeat It

7th – Before You Make the Game-Winning Shot

4th – How Can I Be Successful?

3rd – Tell Someone Today

2nd – Sometimes, It’s Hard to Stay Positive

1st – Don’t Worry About What Everyone Else is Doing

April 2018

30th – Fill It Up

27th – Squint Your Eyes and Tilt Your Head

26th – Don’t Sail, Row

25th – The Credits

24th – Make the Most of Every Opportunity

23rd – Pre-Fab Panels or Brick by Brick?

20th – When You Watch the News

19th – It’s Not a Competition, It’s a Progression

18th – Some Things Don’t Need a Sequel

17th – The Impulse To Do Good Things

16th – You Can’t Control How Big the Waves Get

13th – Make Your Own Luck

12th – Inspirational People – Andre Ingram

11th – The Knot Prayer

10th – I Would Rather Be Tired, Than Disappointed

9th – They Can Tell

6th – The Allure of Complacency

5th – You Are … Enough

4th – If You Think That You’ll Lose

3rd – You Can’t Hold Back the Tide

2nd – See You Tomorrow

March 2018

30th – He Didn’t Send a Love Letter

29th – Don’t Stay Dissatisfied

28th – Imaginary Fences

27th – What Can We Learn From Snails?

26th – Your Problems

23rd – Turn on the Tap

22nd – Back to Back

21st – Use What You’ve Got

20th – Why So Serious?

19th – Believe That It’s Possible

16th – Lord, Grant Me Eyes To See

15th – Don’t Just Let Life Happen To You

14th – A Yellow Card for Time Wasting

13th – York and New York

12th – Wake Up

9th – Are You the Nail or the Hammer?

8th – You Can Do It Quickly, Or You Can Do It With Excellence

7th – Walk With Boldness

6th – Cut the Ropes

5th – And Now He’s 13

2nd – Get Out of Your Own Way

1st – A Box of Birds

February 2018

28th – We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone

27th – Scarcity and You

26th – We Need Volunteers

23rd – Before an Eagle Swoops

22nd – Marking Out the Lines

21st – Someone Needs What You’ve Got

20th – Your Yesterday Doesn’t Define Your Tomorrow

19th – Not Many

16th – We Are Not Born Average

15th – Definitely, Defiantly

14th – It Started on a Playground

13th – Don’t Hope, Know

12th – Buy and Hold Your Dreams

9th – Nick Foles and Failure

8th – While Your Heart Still Beats

7th – Run With It

6th – I Need To Stop Making Eye Contact

5th – Start, Then Figure It Out

2nd – Who’s the Leader?

1st – 10 Great Questions to Ask Your Kids Over Breakfast

January 2018

31st – You’re Not as Fragile as You Think You Are

30th – A Thousand Small Steps

29th – Back to School (For Adults)

26th – Your Actions Should Always Say “I Can”

25th – Rub Two Sticks Together

24th – Do the Greats Ever Feel Like Taking the Day Off?

23rd – Imperfection Versus Perfection

22nd – Care is Optional

19th – Sports Cars and Rollers

18th – I Know That There Are Negatives

17th – As Long As It Takes

16th – The Quitter

15th – Plant Those Seeds

12th – There’s No Such Thing as a Self-Made Man

11th – The Problem With Guaranteed Success

10th – This Is Why I Need To Write Ideas Down

9th – Those Who Make It Look Easy

8th – The Luckiest Person in the World

5th – What Are You Absorbing?

4th – Explaining the Status Quo

3rd – That’s Where You Come In

2nd – For Want of a Nail

1st – 31 December, 2018