After a few days away, our bamboo was looking a bit dry and with a 42C day coming up tomorrow (that’s 107F for my American friends), I grabbed a hose and gave them a good watering.

As I drenched the garden, hoping that the plants absorbed as much of the water as possible, I wondered about what we are absorbing.

Is it positive or negative?

Helpful or hindering?

Some of what we absorb will be environmental.  It will come from our surroundings.

Are the people around you encouraging, motivating and cheerful?

Or are they whining, limiting and dour?

And some of what we absorb will be intentional.  It comes from our deliberate actions.

It’s why I have a daily discipline of reading the Bible and reading great books from authors far wiser than me.

Alternatively, we can also be influenced significantly by the sheer volume and standard of television (or YouTube clips) that we watch or the fear-mongering, exaggerated headlines that we read or click on.

So much of our success and progress this year will come from what we absorb into our hearts and minds.

What are you absorbing?