It would be nice if success was guaranteed.

If you just followed a simple, risk-free formula and all of your dreams suddenly come true.

There are those who would tell us that it’s that easy.

It’s not.

There are no guarantees.

Then there are those who understand that there is no 100% chance of success when doing anything meaningful, so they don’t try at all.

They don’t think that they can cope with the disappointment of perceived failure.

They choose a comfortable, yet unfulfilling life, with a nagging thought in the back of the head that they are capable of so much more.

I wish that I could offer you a fool-proof formula, but I’m not that clever.

All I can do is encourage you to try your best.

To work hard.

To take risks.

To fail.

To fail again.

To fail spectacularly.

To learn from these experiences.

To not compare your perceived lack of progress with the perceived remarkable success of others.

To celebrate the progress that you are making.

To know that we are cheering you on.

To know that you are called to make a positive contribution to the world around you.

And even though there are no guarantees, to aspire to greatness.