When a sports car drives past, it turns heads.

For the fleeting moment that it’s within view, it looks great and we’re all temporarily impressed.

The sound, the sleek lines and then, vroom, it’s gone.

Alternatively, the roller looks much less impressive.

It moves slowly, inexorably, as it does its job.

Unlike the sports car, it doesn’t fly around the next corner, never to be seen again.  It moves backwards and forwards, slowly making its mark, leaving behind a road that is permanent and useful.

It’s tempting to want to be like the sports car.

To be seduced by the need to look good and live fast.

Much better to be like the roller.

Getting the job done.

Making a long-term impact.

And of course, if the two ever collided, we know who would win.

Are you a sports car or a roller?