One of my pet hates is when a person tries to write the word definitely, but ends up writing defiantly.

Seriously people, can’t you see the difference?

It upsets me greatly and it’s my life’s work to stamp out this mindless craze.  OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

Having got that rant off my chest, it also occurs to me that there are times when writing defiantly works (if inadvertently).

“I am defiantly going to lose weight this year.”

“I am defiantly going to get a new job.”

“I am defiantly going to write that book.”

There’s something about being defiant when you’re going after your goals that is compelling and strengthening.

It gives the image of someone staring down their obstacles.

Of walking through the day with the shoulders back and the head held high.

Of achieving remarkable deeds, not because of their external circumstances, but in spite of them.

So if you definitely want to achieve a goal, it’s OK to be defiant in your endeavours.

(Just don’t use the two words interchangeably in a sentence.)