Happy 13th Birthday Hayden

He’s like a big stag.

An athletic beast who can run all day and crash through anything in his path.

And yet there’s something likable and gentle and humble about this brute.

He’ll crunch an opponent in a tackle, then check to make sure he’s OK.

He enjoys sport, but footy is his true love.

And animals.

And family.

And God.

He doesn’t strike you as an intellect and school work is low on his list of priorities, but when he explains what he was thinking during a big race or footy match, you wonder at his remarkable sporting IQ.

When he was born, I told my friends that I wasn’t going to be one of those dads who bragged about his kids.

I lied.

I’m incredibly proud of all three of my children.

But today is about Hayden.

From screaming baby to towering teenager in the blink of an eye.

He’s a beast.

He’s our boy.

And now he’s 13.