In football, it is common practice for a team to waste time late in the second half when they hold a slender lead.

Players start rolling around the pitch as if they have been shot.

Defenders cynically kick the ball away unnecessarily.

Goalkeepers take too long to deliver the ball to their outfielders.

It’s a blight on the game, but it’s expected and it’s the referee’s job to hand out yellow cards for such offences, while the player pleads his innocence.

Of course, time wasting isn’t limited to the football pitch.

I’m the master of squandering 20 minutes between clients.  I could do some writing or return a couple of emails, but somehow the time is gone before I get anything meaningful done.

Alas, there is no referee watching to give you a warning and a yellow card.

There is only you and your conscience.

You know what needs to be done.

You know what is most important right now.

So stop wasting time, there’s not much of it left.