Under normal circumstances, my personality is quite laid back and fun-loving, but there are times when I let life get on top of me.

Perhaps the kids have been annoying, I’ve had a few bad clients in a row or I’ve been wrestling with a couple of minor health issues.

It can too easily turn me into a grumpy old bear who scowls more than he smiles.

Whatever the excuse, it needs to change.

Nothing should be that dramatic that I’m not able to smile and laugh and bring joy to the people around me.

I don’t need to take everything quite so seriously.

It doesn’t mean that I ignore problems or don’t try to make things better, but it does mean that I shouldn’t allow my circumstances to change my perspective.

I am incredibly blessed.

On my worst day, I still have a lot to be grateful for.

Life is wonderful and is too short to walk around like a bulldog who swallowed a wasp.

I hope that I don’t ever forget that.

And I hope that you don’t either.