Over the years, I have worked with a few clients in show business who have been in the credits of a handful of movies and television series.

They’re not necessarily household names, but at the end of these movies, when the credits roll, they are recognised for the contribution that they have made.

There are lots of names there.  The big stars, the stunt women, the boom operator and the dude who delivers the sandwiches.

Imagine if our lives were a movie and at the end of our days, there was a list of credits, with all of the names of the people who had made a contribution to our lives.

How many lists would you be on?

How many people did you help to achieve their goals?

How many people did you believe in before they believed in themselves?

How many people did you give an opportunity to?

How many people did you lift up when they were really struggling?

How many people did you coach, encourage, pray for?