I bought takeaway Chinese food the other day from the food court in our local shopping centre.

As the dude was scooping fried rice and teriyaki chicken into the plastic container, I was sending him telepathic messages.

“Fill it up. You can fit more in. One more scoop.”

I really wanted to get my money’s worth and clearly my powers of mental persuasion were in full effect, as he heaped my food into the container.

As I walked home, feeling smug about my food, I realised that there is an important principle here.

We should be filling up our days, not with meaningless busyness, but with opportunities to change the world.

“But I don’t have time!” comes the inevitable reply.

Yes, you do.  We all do, we just have to make better use of the time that we have and squander less of it on empty activities.

The reality is that we all probably could do more.

One extra call, one extra word of encouragement, one extra learning opportunity.

Don’t leave it half-filled, don’t pull up short, but go the extra mile and fill it up.