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Sometimes, it feels as though the waves of life are getting bigger.

There can be aspects of life that are beyond our control and they can have an extremely unsettling impact on our daily lives.

Perhaps you just got a report from your doctor that you weren’t expecting.

Or there’s an issue with a colleague at work.

Maybe it’s just a combination of all of the crazy aspects of your life and you feel as though it’s getting on top of you.

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Friday the 13th is often seen as an unlucky day.

“Stay away from black cats, ladders and mirrors,” they say.

But we all know that it’s just another day.

A day to work hard.

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After graduating from the little known American University, basketball guard Andre Ingram went undrafted by the NBA, so he did what many other players do and plied his craft in the G League, hoping that he could continue to improve his skills and eventually make it to the big time.

That was 10 years ago!

10 years of dreaming.

10 years of praying.

10 years of hard work.

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Dear God,

Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart, and my life.

Remove the have nots, the can nots, and the do nots that I have in my mind.

Erase the will nots, may nots, and might nots that find a home in my heart.

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I would rather be tired, than disappointed.

I would rather run out of time, than run out of excuses.

I would rather end the day with nothing left in the tank, than wish that I had done more.

I would rather try my best and fail, than wonder what would have happened if I had bothered to show up.

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Whoever your audience is, they can tell when you are passionate about your subject.

They can tell when you haven’t prepared properly.

They can tell when you are an expert in your field.

They can tell if you’re trying to be someone¬†you’re not.

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Complacency is very alluring.

It tempts us to believe that we can just take it easy.

It guides us towards temporary comfort and safety.

It tells us that our past achievements are sufficient.

It encourages us to heed our fears.

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You are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You are resilient enough.

You are resourceful enough.

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If before the game even begins you think that you’ll lose, you will lose.

Your opponent will sense it and attack even harder.

You will believe it and try with less intensity.

You will make excuses to yourself about your poor performance.

You won’t go hard when the time comes to go hard.

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You can’t hold back the tide.

A raging fire consumes everything in its path.

A winding river slowly eats into the banks, changing the landscape as it goes.

A rampaging elephant stomps and batters and crashes through every obstacle in its way.

And then there is you.

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