Every morning when I get into the shower, I turn the hot and cold taps around until I find the right balance.

Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

And the day starts and I forget about the other hot and cold taps that I get to use all day long.

When spending time with my clients, I can either bring the heat, working with passion and enthusiasm, or I can be cold, lifeless, dispassionate, going through the motions.

The same goes for the time I spend with my wife and kids.

Am I hot? (Engaged, fascinated by their stories, smiling)

Or am I cold? (Distracted, surly, self-absorbed)

There are too many people who inadvertently go through life with their cold tap on high.

There’s no passion, little enthusiasm, just a routine, with tasks completed without heart or care.

We can be different.

We can turn the hot tap on.

All the way on.

We can change the world.