We outsource a range of tasks in our household.

We have a cleaner who comes in once a fortnight to clean up the mess that our three kids and two dogs make.

We outsource the education of our kids by paying for a school to give them a quality education that is aligned with our values.

We outsource coaches to teach our kids how to improve at football, basketball, netball, gymnastics, piano, athletics and cross-country running.

But we can’t outsource the important task of parenting.

The values that our kids get must be primarily influenced by us.

We are responsible for disciplining them.

When they fall down, we must pick them up, dust them off and help them to build the resilience that they will need in the future.

It’s our job to make sure that they are polite, selfless, hard-working contributors to society.

Too many people try to outsource those tasks, but do so at the detriment of their kids and their future.

They’re your kids.

It’s your job.