Here’s to new adventures.

To moments when we are way out of our comfort zones.

To those times when we let go of one trapeze, not knowing if we will be able to grab the next one (or if the net will catch us if we fall).

To periods of time when we aren’t quite sure if we are trembling with fear or excitement.

To new horizons, new interactions, new lessons, new surroundings.

To blazing a trail through the unknown, murky forest in front of us.

To inspiring others through our deeds, even when we feel very ordinary and uninspiring ourselves.

To breaking through the humdrum and meandering routine of life into a new realm of possibilities.

To looking up at mountains, feeling daunted, yet resolving to climb to the top.

To living a life where scraped knees, twisted ankles and broken arms is a necessary risk.

To being utterly terrified by the next step, but having the fortitude required to take a deep breath and move forwards.

Here’s to new adventures and to us, the adventurers.