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You don’t have to achieve all of your goals today, just get closer.

You don’t have to learn everything immediately, just learn something.

You don’t have to change everyone’s lives for the better straight away, just start with the person in front of you.

It’s easy to have bold aspirations and big dreams, only to become discouraged as they are too lofty to reach in the foreseeable future.

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You can focus on doing one thing well, or you can try to do a lot of things.

You can stay disciplined for many years, or you can become distracted by the next shiny trend.

You can develop one particular skill to an elite level, or you can potter around with many.

You can keep going when it gets challenging, or you can quit and try something else.

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I was talking with a colleague today, discussing someone who said that they can’t do something.

We smiled and nodded at each other.  Can’t or won’t?

The reality is that they could do it, they just chose not to.

What do you say that you can’t do?

Start a business?

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According to Jon Gordon,

“Fear and faith have one thing in common—they both believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet.”

The reality is that we fear potential outcomes.

We are scared of possible failure.

We are trepidatious about the unknown.

But what if the outcome is a good one?

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Humans have a range of unique abilities.

To tell compelling stories that connect.

To listen to the wonderful stories of others.

To display empathy.

To genuinely care.

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Is the boat that you’re in going in the wrong direction?

Is someone else setting your sails?

Does it seem as though someone else is in charge of your destiny?

Do you feel as though you are just a crew member and not the captain of your own future?

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Most people I meet don’t know what their purpose in life is.

They don’t have a clear, clarion calling.

They don’t know what they are meant to do with their lives.

And so they float along, waiting for a neon light to tell them what they should be doing.

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The struggle is hard.

It’s testing.

It will challenge your will to continue.

You will think that it is unfair.

You will compare your struggle with others.

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Your fears will lie to you.

They will try to tell you what you can’t do, when in reality you can.

They will try to tell you that there’s no point in trying, when there really is.

And they will try to tell you that this is as good as you can hope for, when that’s not the case.

And your fears will try to steal from you.

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One of the books that I am reading at the moment is retired AFL player Bob Murphy’s “Leather Soul.”

After winning a surprise premiership in 2016, he wrote:

The next great challenge of my football club, the Bulldogs, is to become mountain climbers and not astronauts.

The premise is that after making it to the moon, astronauts live off that achievement for the rest of their lives.  There’s nothing else to accomplish, nothing left to aspire to.

Whereas mountain climbers are always looking for the next challenge.

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