When we buy a new plant for the garden, we want to give it the best possible opportunity to succeed.

We read the instructions, choose a location that will match its unique requirements, water it regularly and fertilise it.

And hopefully, after we have done everything right, it will grow and thrive.

Of course, there are some plants that find a way to grow despite a complete lack of nurturing.

They receive too much sun, or not enough.

Their roots are hanging on in a crack in the pavement.

They get trampled and trodden on.

No-one deliberately waters them.

No-one cares.

And yet, despite the odds, they grow.

I hope that you are in an ideal situation that matches your needs and maximises your opportunity to thrive.

But if not, I want you to remember those plants that seem to find a way to grow despite everything going against them.

They’re resilient.

They’re persistent.

They’re inspirational.

And there’s no good reason why that can’t be you.

Because the reality is that there’s no excuse for not growing.