Last night, when I was taking off my Fitbit, the band broke.

For the past three years, I have completed least 10,000 steps every day, with the exception of about 5 days in total, mostly when I was in hospital.  It’s a daily habit that I’m proud of and I didn’t want to break my streak, not to mention the inconvenience of not having a watch at work for the next few days while I found a replacement.

At work today, I found myself frustrated as I looked at my naked wrist, but in reality, despite my crankiness it wasn’t that bad.

I didn’t have my gadget, but I survived.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of allowing our gadgets to control us, rather than us controlling them.

So, we use our smart phone at the dinner table or keep it on our bedside table at night.

We drop everything to binge watch our favourite series.

We get anxious if we aren’t attached to our devices.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We can take control again, so let me encourage you to leave the phone in another room for a few hours, not check your email over the weekend and focus more on the people around you and the events that are happening in real time.

(Full disclosure: My darling wife took my Fitbit into the shops with her today and bought a replacement band.  In her efforts, it registered well over 5,000 steps, so when I put the band on again this evening, I managed to finish the remaining steps to reach my goal of 10,000 whilst walking the dogs.  She’s an awesome wife!)