December 2019

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts From 2019

30th – My Favourite Books From 2019

27th – More Memorable Moments

26th – In the Line

25th – Those Sparkly Lights

24th – A Living, Breathing Example of the Culture

23rd – Persistence Trumps Talent

20th – The 2019 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

19th – What Happens When Things Go Well?

18th – Get in Early, Avoid the Rush

17th – The Under-Sized Centre

16th – Between Monday and Friday

13th – Thank Them

12th – More Than One

11th – Visualise It First

10th – How Culture is Formed

9th – It Starts With You

6th – The Right Person to Imitate

5th – How Can You Tell if it Has Been a Good Day?

4th – If You Want to Build a Ship

3rd – How to Churn Butter

2nd – Doors are Meant to be Opened

November 2019

29th – Enjoy Life’s Little Detours

28th – It’s Gonna Be Hard

27th – Leave Your Ego at the Door

26th – The Moment You Believe in Yourself

25th – Attitude Precedes Outcome

22nd – When You Enter and When You Leave

21st – Those Who Wish To Sing

20th – Do You Care?

19th – A Thousand Opportunities, or a Thousand Excuses

18th – It’s a Perfect Day to Get Things Done

15th – Say Goodbye to the Man (or Woman) of Ease

14th – There Are No Bad Teams, Just Bad Leaders

13th – You’ve Got To Charge It Before You Can Use It

12th – We Will Prevail

11th – I’m Unsure

8th – The Best Investment That You’ll Make This Week

7th – Just a Few Proverbs to Help You on Your Walk

6th – You Can’t Make Them

5th – Your Daily Choice

4th – The Problem With Passengers

1st – The Unicorn and the Rhino

October 2019

31st – Listen to the Promptings

30th – Everything is Better When Shared

29th – Confront the Negativity

28th – What Will Be Remembered Tomorrow?

25th – What Does Brooding Mean For You?

24th – Don’t Worry About Gaining Their Respect

23rd – How Many Seeds Must Fall?

22nd – One Loss Doesn’t Make You a Loser

21st – The Reading Glasses of Faith

18th – My 2,500th Post

17th – Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

16th – Be Specific

15th – There’s Plenty To Go Around

14th – Off the Beaten Path

11th – The Snake and the Saw – A Story About Our Reactions

10th – Autograph Your Work With Excellence

9th – You’re Not a Small Cog

8th – We Need Contributors

7th – What You Know Today Won’t Be Enough For Tomorrow

4th – The Gatekeeper of Your Goals

3rd – A Block of Land

2nd – When You Stare Down Your Fears

1st – Assume That We Like You

September 2019

30th – With Enthusiasm

27th – Before You Hit the Winning Free Throw

26th – A Blessing Costs Nothing

25th – Be a Learner, Not a Knower

24th – Don’t Retreat Into Smallness

23rd – Creating a Culture That Will Live Beyond

20th – Teach Them Young

19th – No-One Else Can Light Your Match

18th – Don’t Just Thank God for Friday

17th – Put That White Flag Away

16th – Brilliant Quotes – Robert Louis Stevenson

13th – Poets Need Pain

12th – Think About Such Things

11th – Good Old Home Brew

10th – It Doesn’t Need to Happen Quickly

9th – Hope is for Suckers

6th – Around the Bend and Over the Hill

5th – Don’t Get Distracted By What They’re Doing

4th – How Trust is Earned

3rd – Assess, Then Act

2nd – The Unused Bicycle

August 2019

30th – 10 Reminders For My Team

29th – Is It Really Terrifying?

28th – The Results Follow

27th – Once You’ve Found Your Purpose

26th – Just Give

23rd – How Many Raindrops?

22nd – Get Stronger

21st – No-One is Holding a Gun to Your Head

20th – What You Really Need

19th – Time for a Tree Change

16th – How We Perceive Rain

15th – Don’t Aspire to Make Others Envious

14th – Is it Sustainable?

13th – Lift Others Through Your Greatness

12th – What Will Your Legacy Be?

9th – We Don’t Get to Control Everything

8th – Part of the Process

7th – Setbacks and Logs

6th – When You’re Hidden in the Crowd

5th – Are You Escaping the Past or Embracing the Future?

2nd – A Test of Strength

1st – Where You Are Today Is Not Important

July 2019

31st – Why I Read Every Day

30th – It Doesn’t Mean a Lot If We Don’t Use It

29th – I Visited an Adventurer

26th – Keep Tweaking

25th – Let the Rain Soak In

24th – How Many People?

23rd – Something Worth Copying By Hand

22nd – Let Your Light Shine

19th – Pride in the Process

18th – They Don’t Put Championship Rings on Smooth Hands

17th – The Path Between a Goal and Its Achievement

16th – My parkrun Journey So Far

15th – Avoiding Criticism

12th – Stay Eager

11th – Are You an Original or a Replica?

10th – A Seed Starts in the Dirt

9th – If Only We Knew

8th – Sound the Battle Cry

5th – Know Why

4th – Fear is Meant to Serve You, Not Control You

3rd – Try Again Tomorrow

2nd – I Don’t Need To Know How Smart You Are

1st – A Ph.D. in Shoe Shining

June 2019

28th – Don’t Wait For Motivation

27th – How To Kick a Goal From Half-Way

26th – Just Play Your Part

25th – Don’t Just look At It

24th – The Greatest

21st – Pick One

20th – Intensity or Consistency?

19th – It’s There, Find It

18th – One Job at a time, Every Job a Success

17th – The Privilege of Reading

14th – All Champions Have to Start Somewhere

13th – Do the Basics Well

12th – Chase After It

11th – A Plague of Locusts

10th – Sow Seeds

7th – Just Visiting

6th – It Doesn’t Matter What’s Happening Outside

5th – The Conviction of a Recent Convert

4th – When You Wake Up

3rd – The Bad Guy in a Horror Movie

May 2019

31st – Losing is a Great Teacher

30th – Are We Surprised?

29th – Leave It Better Than You Found It

28th – The Somnambulist in All of Us

27th – Running and Hiding

24th – What I Want To Do, What I Should Do

23rd – Criticism and Advice

22nd – Expect Good Things

21st – Points of Similarity

20th – Production Lines and You

17th – Almost Impossible

16th – It Will Cost You

15th – You Need Not See What Someone is Doing

14th – Keep Challenging Yourself

13th – Yelling Into a Canyon

10th – Your Opportunities Aren’t Behind You

9th – Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

8th – Without Gratitude, What Have You Got?

7th – Get to the Start Line, Get to the Finish Line

6th – The Fire Inside

3rd – Opportunities are Like Trains

2nd – Rush or Point

1st – Are Salads Genuinely Tasty?

April 2019

30th – Spread Good News

29th – Are You Really Doing Well?

26th – The Unemotional, Reserved, Calm, Detached Warrior

25th – You Are Free To, But Should You?

24th – What If I Told You?

23rd – You’re More Powerful Than Your Fears

22nd – We’re Not in Heaven Yet

19th – Unashamed

18th – Those Defining Moments

17th – Passion is More Developed Than Discovered

16th – When Does it Become a Habit?

15th – A Commitment to Daily Growth

12th – What Do You Do For Free?

11th – Be the Source

10th – When You Are Grateful

9th – Yes, There’s Just One of You

8th – Can You Do It?

5th – The Busy Code

4th – Your Morning Pep Talk

3rd – A Dog in a Pram

2nd – High Visibility Work

1st – A Recipe Isn’t a Meal

March 2019

29th – Work on Your Abs

28th – Are You Buying or Selling?

27th – Have I Told You Lately?

26th – Career Advice From Michael Caine

25th – I Can’t Hear You

22nd – Roaming or Marching?

21st – The Fear of Contribution

20th – From Now On

19th – Practice Your Scales

18th – The Moment You Enter

15th – Your Days are Precious

14th – Big Little Things

13th – Busy or Effective?

12th – Shower the People

11th – Is it Time to Change Your Colours?

8th – If or When?

7th – Which Standard Are You Aspiring To?

6th – If You Dare

5th – The See-Saw of Human Interaction

4th – Whom Do You Need?

1st – Open Your Gifts

February 2019

28th – Together We’ve Got This

27th – A Good Reason Not To Run (Or is it?)

26th – You Don’t Have To Accept Defeat

25th – Passion Comes First

22nd – Start With One

21st – My New Toothbrush

20th – The Eagle’s Goals – A Story About Progressing in Life

19th – Greatness Requires Your Whole Heart

18th – Don’t Forget To Live

15th – Where Does the Spark Come From?

14th – More Than Half a Lifetime

13th – Drum Roll Please

12th – Learn From the Best

11th – Broken, But Not Beaten

8th – Why Do Camels Have Humps? – A Story About Our Talents

7th – More Than

6th – Today’s Habits Become Tomorrow’s…

5th – The Secret To Reading More

4th – Cleared For Take-Off

1st – Big Hits Require Big Swings

January 2019

31st – A Good Plan Violently Executed Today

30th – Say It Again

29th – Mandatory Attitude Testing

28th – Still Going

25th – You Can Always Get Better

24th – Have You Met Someone With a Flawless Record?

23rd – How Big Will It Be?

22nd – The Problem With Rainless Clouds

21st – The Complaining Monk – A Story About Our Attitudes

18th – I Worried

17th – It’s the Content That Matters

16th – Find Your Niche

15th – Hold the Door

14th – Better than Yesterday

11th – Every Possession Matters

10th – It’s Out There

9th – To the Coachable

8th – What Your Nerves are Telling You

7th – Five Minutes Before the Miracle Happens

4th – Career Advice From Billy Connolly

3rd – Inspirational People – Tyler Trent

2nd – What’s the Trick?

1st – 2019 – The Year of Planting