In the midst of celebrating a new year, the world lost a remarkable young man this week, when 20 year-old, Tyler Trent, passed away from cancer.

A huge Purdue Boilermaker fan, Tyler was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of meeting him, through his positive attitude, irrepressible love of sport and desire to make things better for young people in similar situation to him in the future through raising thousands of dollars for paediatric cancer research.

He had a long, arduous battle with his illness, but refused to feel sorry for himself, instead aiming to use the time that he had to maximise his impact on the world.

He once wrote,

“Though I am in hospice care and have to wake up every morning knowing that the day might be my last, I still have a choice to make: to make that day the best it can be.  Yet, isn’t that a choice we all have every day?”

I’ve met too many people throughout my journey who have much less dramatic problems than Tyler’s terminal cancer, but they fall into the trap of playing the victim and believing that they can’t make the world a better place.

But Tyler’s remarkable life reminds us that we have a choice.

Every day, we can develop a positive attitude and use the skills that we have to find a way to make thing better.

To inspire others.

To leave an indelible mark.

And it’s not just a choice, it’s our responsibility.

Thanks Tyler for your faith and passion for life.