Karen needed a new toothbrush, so in true Scottish tradition, she bought two for the price of one and now I have a new toothbrush as well.

I didn’t feel as though I really needed one, despite the recommendations that we should change every 6 months.  Seriously?  I think that they just want to sell more toothbrushes, but I digress.

I tried the new one and didn’t like it.

It was different.

It felt unusual.

I want my old toothbrush back!

Of course, eventually I would have to change.

Maybe I don’t need a new one every 6 months, but after 5 years, I’m sure that the bristles wouldn’t be getting the job done.

We resist change.

We don’t like it.

But at some stage it’s inevitable.

So we can complain and whine.

Or we can get on with life and get used to it.

After all, the reason we replace our toothbrushes is to help us smile.