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Life will kick you in the guts.



Multiple times and with ferocity.

If you‘re not ready for it, you’ll be brought to your knees.

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Are-you-buying-or-sellingAre you buying or selling?

Are you consuming or contributing?

Are you looking to satisfy your desires or your customers?

Are you being influenced, or are you the influencer?

Are your goals related to what you will get, or what you will give?

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Have I told you lately:

That you’re awesome?

That your best work is fabulous?

That we need your unique perspective?

That you have the ability to change the world?

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Find-something-you-wantOne of the books that I’m reading at the moment is Michael Caine’s “Blowing the Bloody Doors Off.” When discussing the early part of his own career, he gives the following advice:

Find something you want to do and learn how to do it really well. Take what you’ve got and make the most of it…

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I know that you’re saying something.

It may be something very intelligent and informative.

It may be incredibly insightful.

It may be exactly what you think we need to hear.

I can see your lips moving, but I can’t hear you.

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Has your career been a mix of random positions, or are you on a journey towards a role that maximises your capabilities?

Are you parenting by accident, or do you have a strategy and plan for your kids?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, or are you working to a long-term budget?

Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes, or are you continually learning and developing?

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A couple of nights ago, Seth Godin encouraged his readers to “dance with the fear of contribution.”

It can be scary to make a contribution.

What if others reject your help?

What if you get criticised for your efforts?

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Like all of us, you’ve made mistakes.

There are days when you haven’t achieved your normal standards.

You’ve said things that you’ve regretted and heard things that you wish you hadn’t.

You’ve made promises that you weren’t able to keep.

And you’ve tripped and fallen, sometimes embarrassingly.

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Practice your scales.

Read the latest research.

Write, edit, write again.


Run your laps.

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The moment you enter the office, be ready for action.

Be engaged and enthusiastic.

Be positive in your interactions.

Walk with your shoulders back and your head held high.

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