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Don’t get caught up in office gossip.

Don’t become one of those negative people who does nothing but complain.

And don’t sit on the sidelines criticising those who are in the arena.

Spread good news.

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If you’re doing an awesome job, but the person in the next cubicle is struggling, are you really doing well?

If you’re in great form, but your team is losing badly, are you really doing well?

If you’re happy and content, but your partner is miserable, are you really doing well?

Here’s the thing, we’re social animals and life is a team sport.

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After his unbelievable performance this week in the NBA playoffs, Damian Lillard quoted Sun Tzu,

“It is the unemotional, reserved, calm, detached warrior who wins, not the hothead seeking vengeance and not the ambitious seeker of fortune.”

It’s a great line, especially considering his clutch performance, but it also applies to the rest of us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of life.

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Today in Australia and New Zealand, we commemorate Anzac Day.  It’s a day when we remember and say thank you to our servicemen and women who have served our countries with distinction and made massive sacrifices for us so that we can live in freedom.

Part of that freedom involves freedom of speech.

We can boo and hiss at sporting events if we want to.

We can say mean things on social media.

We can criticise our staff relentlessly.

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What if I told you that you have the capacity to change the world?

And what if you believed me?

What if I told you that it would take persistence and grit over many years?

And what if you weren’t deterred by that challenge?

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You’re more powerful than your fears.

More resilient.

More resourceful.

More capable.

So don’t let your fears win.

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I hope that one day we will meet in heaven.

We will have a great chat, compare photos of our loved ones and laugh a lot.

But we’re not in heaven yet.

There is a lot to be done still here.

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Today is Good Friday.

As a Christian, it’s a wonderful opportunity for reflection.

On this day, we remember that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sacrificed His life for us in the ultimate act of love.

As a consequence, of His death and resurrection on the third day, we have an opportunity to be reconciled to God.

What extraordinary, boundless love.

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In those inevitable defining moments, how will you respond?

When under pressure, will you be defined by your calmness, or your inability to handle stress?

When facing adversity, will you embrace the challenge, or be overwhelmed?

When someone else is struggling, will you be an encourager, or an unnecessary critic?

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According to Dan Miller,

“Don’t expect your passion to show up in full force. Passion is more developed than discovered.”

Sometimes, we expect to wake up one day with a sudden epiphany of how we will spend the rest of our life.

And so we wait and we pray and we have a convenient excuse for not doing anything meaningful or worthwhile.

Of course, there are those we know who discovered their passion from a young age.  They’ve always wanted to be a teacher or a doctor or a musician, so they’ve worked hard at their craft for a long time to achieve their goal.

But it doesn’t often work like that.

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