Today in Australia and New Zealand, we commemorate Anzac Day.  It’s a day when we remember and say thank you to our servicemen and women who have served our countries with distinction and made massive sacrifices for us so that we can live in freedom.

Part of that freedom involves freedom of speech.

We can boo and hiss at sporting events if we want to.

We can say mean things on social media.

We can criticise our staff relentlessly.

But should we?

Can’t we use the freedom that we have to build others up?

To encourage?

To cheer on?

To connect?

To share our wisdom?

To make people smile?

So, thank you to those who have served our countries with bravery, mateship, endurance and humour, even in the most extreme of circumstances.

We don’t take our freedom lightly.

And I pray that we will use it to make you proud.