As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not really a salad sort of guy, so when I hear someone bragging about how tasty their salad is, I get suspicious.

Seriously, lettuce, cucumber and celery is tasty now?  No way!

But what matters isn’t my opinion, it’s their perspective.

Perhaps they believe it.

Perhaps that are trying to convince themselves to believe it.

Perhaps they know how much healthier it is to eat a salad, so they really, really, really want to believe it.

Here’s the deal. There are lots of good things that we avoid as they don’t seem as tasty, or as fun, or as immediately gratifying.

It’s why we don’t exercise, read or meditate as much as we should.

So the question isn’t, “Are salads tasty?”

It’s, “How can I change my perspective so that I am more likely to eat healthier?”

Perspective matters, so choose the right one.

(And remember, this isn’t just about food.)