People get very excited when they start something new.

They’ll bail you up at the water cooler to tell you about the success of their latest diet.

They’ll regale you with tales of how effective their new golf clubs are.

And as a recent convert to parkruns will attest, we’ll tell all and sundry about our Saturday morning 5km jogs, our personal bests and our tourist runs.

There’s something about the conviction of a recent convert.

There’s fire.

There’s passion.

There’s eager anticipation.

It hasn’t had time to wear off yet.

Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, remember that passion that you had when you first started.

Rekindle it.

Reignite it.

Because if it wears off, it’s just another fad and those running shoes will soon start collecting dust.

But if you can sustain it… wow, who knows where you’ll end up.