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One of my daily rituals is to read every day without exception.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like it.

Sometimes, I get very little from the experience.

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother.

Sometimes, I leave it until too late in the evening and think that perhaps this is the day to stop.

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We can learn about leadership.

We can understand the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

We can gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence.

We can read about how to get better at our job.

We can find a mentor who will teach us about what it takes to get to the next level.

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I visited an Adventurer and heard of his remarkable deeds.

I wondered at his pilgrimages to strange lands, his battles against powerful adversaries and his tales of survival against the odds.

I said with admiration, “If only I had your courage, your bravery, your strength.  Oh, what an adventure my life could be.”

The Adventurer put his arm around me and pulled me close.

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Keep tweaking.

Keep adapting.

Keep improving.

Keep practicing.

Keep wondering.

Keep asking.

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Let the rain soak in.

Allow positive words to gather in your soul.

Store up happy experiences and memories.

Accept compliments with a smile, acknowledging that there are things that you do well.

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How many people will you help today?

How many will you make smile?

How many will you encourage and inspire?

How many will you be kind to?

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Many centuries ago, before the wonderful invention of the printing press, if a book was in demand, it had to be copied by hand.

Imagine that!

Every single word painstakingly copied from the original.  It’s a process that must have taken weeks, if not months.

Naturally, with such an arduous process, it was only the masterpieces that were copied.

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On the darkest of days…

When the clouds are grey and heavy…

When the forecast is gloomy and all hope seems lost…

When there is a lot to complain about…

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In our goal-oriented world, it’s easy to get caught up in a win at all costs way of living.

We take pride in the outcome, but what about the process?

Are we proud of the integrity that we displayed?

Are we proud of how we responded to others when under pressure?

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Clemson University Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Joey Batson is quoted as saying:

“They don’t put championship rings on smooth hands… You win championships when the stadium is empty, when the band ain’t playing, when the cheerleaders ain’t cheering, when it’s just you and your brother, right beside you.”

I love these types of quotes as they are a reminder that we can’t just expect to turn up and expect everything to automatically work out.

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