I visited an Adventurer and heard of his remarkable deeds.

I wondered at his pilgrimages to strange lands, his battles against powerful adversaries and his tales of survival against the odds.

I said with admiration, “If only I had your courage, your bravery, your strength.  Oh, what an adventure my life could be.”

The Adventurer put his arm around me and pulled me close.

“I have neither courage, nor bravery, nor strength.  I am as fearful as you and everyone else in this room,” he whispered.

“What is your secret then?” I asked.

“There is no great secret.  I just hear the calling to adventure and then heed that calling. I am willing to leave comfort behind to embrace all that the road outside has to offer.  I know what must be done and I do it.  We can all do that!”

I walked away, shaking my head.

Can I do that?

Now that I know what must be done, am I willing to go for it?

I hope so.