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Today was a strange one for me as I finished my current role before our adventure starts in Bendigo.  Over the past 14 months, I have had the privilege of working with some terrific people and I have valued my time there.

In my final team meeting, I shared 10 simple principles that I wanted my guys to remember me by and I hope that they are helpful reminders for you as well.

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That change that you to want to make, that adventure that you want to pursue may seem terrifying.

But what if, instead of seeing it as terrifying, you described it as really, really scary.

And then, instead of really, really scary, you thought of it as quite intimidating.

After that, instead of quite intimidating, you could turn it down to reasonably daunting.

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If you’re a leader, don’t fixate on results and numbers.

Find a way to win the hearts and minds of your staff.

Show that you genuinely care about them (and their families and their cats).

Put the spotlight on their successes and celebrate their wins.

Be passionate about their careers and personal development.

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I hope that you’ve found your purpose in life.

Your purpose as a member of your family, a follower of your faith and through your chosen vocation.

And I trust that you are pursuing this purpose with vigour and enthusiasm.

But once you’ve found your purpose and are on track to achieve it, you’re not done.

There is one more noble task that I have for you.

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When you give of your time, your expertise, your money, don’t worry about what you will get back in return.

Don’t look around to see if anyone has noticed.

Don’t hold back on being as generous as you can.

Don’t see it as a loss, but a contribution.

Don’t scowl.

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How many raindrops does it take to fill an ocean?

How many grains of sand does it take to make a desert?

How many steps does it take to prepare for a marathon?

How many quavers does it take to complete a symphony?

How many letters does it take to write an epic tome?

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The challenges that you have overcome have made you stronger.

The practice that you have done behind closed doors has made you stronger.

The times when you wanted to give up, but you kept going, have made you stronger.

The tough feedback that you listened to and implemented has made you stronger.

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You don’t have to work hard.

You don’t to contribute to the success of others.

You don’t have to continually grow and develop.

You don’t have to find a reason to be positive during challenging times.

You don’t have to bounce back quickly from disappointment.

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You don’t need expensive running shoes, you need to get out and run.

You don’t need a Fender Stratocaster, you need a guitar with 6 strings and hours of practice.

You don’t need more social media followers, you need to be more influential to the people around you.

You don’t need better staff, you need to be a better leader.

You don’t need to be distracted by what everyone else has, you need to focus on what you can do.

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All ready for a tree change

We have a very exciting announcement to make.

In a couple of weeks time, I will be starting a new job which will mean that we will be moving to Bendigo in central Victoria.  For my international readers, Bendigo is a lovely regional city of about 140,000 people, much smaller than the ever-growing city of Melbourne (almost 5 million), where I have lived for most of my adult life.

It’s a huge move for us as it means that we will need to move house (obviously), schools, church, local sporting teams, Karen’s job and a range of other significant changes.  Thankfully, Karen’s sister’s family live in Bendigo and their presence and friendship will make the transition much easier.

Why are we doing this?

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