A snake entered a carpentry shop, and as it crawled to the corner, it went past a saw and was scratched a little bit.

Alarmed by the pain, it turned around and bit the saw, cutting himself badly in the mouth.

Then, thinking that saw was attacking him, he decided to roll around the saw to suffocate it with his whole body.

As he squeezed, the saw cut deeper, leading the snake to get angrier and squeeze harder, until eventually, the snake died from its self-inflicted wounds.

There are times in life when we experience pain.  Sometimes this pain has been inflicted intentionally, sometimes incidentally.

Either way, when this happens, we have a choice.

Do we take a deep breath, forgive our adversary and move on?

Or do we react adversely, potentially bringing more pain upon ourselves.

Choose forgiveness.

Choose the way of peace.

Choose life.