I was going on my usual daily walk, when I passed under a large tree that had scattered thousands of seeds along the ground.

I wondered to myself, how many of these seeds will end up as full grown trees?

How many of these seeds will even germinate?

What are the odds?

How many seeds must fall?

We get to plant seeds all of the time.

As a leader, we have key messages.

How many times does it take for the message to sink in?

Do we really expect everyone to fully understand and be fully engaged after one time?

What about twice? A dozen? A hundred?

In our careers, we see and apply for opportunities?

Will one application get us to the top of our profession?

Two?  A dozen?  A hundred?

There is no magic seed.

You won’t be lucky enough to have one big chance that sets you up for life.

To be successful, you have to keep planting seeds.

Every day.

Over and over again.

Then, and only then, do you give yourself the chance to make the most of this life that you have been given.