Our kids have gadgets galore.

Tablets, phones, laptops, fancy watches, kindles.

And every Christmas, it seems that their list of devices grows.

But do you think that they can remember to charge them?

Not a chance.

And so, when they want to use them, they have to plug them in and wait, while that magical little bar rises.

We’re much the same as those devices.

I meet a lot of people who seem to be running on empty and as a consequence, don’t seem to be able to achieve as much as they should.

Perhaps it’s time to plug yourself in and recharge.

Take the time to relax.

Go for a walk in nice surroundings.

Take your partner out for a quiet dinner.

Find a comfy nook to read in.

Sit in silence, with you and your thoughts (no devices).

Get down on the floor and play with the kids.


Feel the sun on your back.

Potter in the garden.

Take a proper day off every week.

Your gadgets have to charge before they can work.

And I suspect that we do, too.