As I write this post, I am in a delightful little B&B in a small seaside town on the south coast of New South Wales. In my new role, I travel here once a month to visit the staff that I manage and it’s always a nice place to visit.

To get home usually requires a 2 hour drive to Canberra to catch a flight to Melbourne and then another long drive of almost 2 hours home to Bendigo.  It’s a long day!

But alas, tomorrow’s journey will be longer than usual.

Due to bushfires between here and Canberra, I will be required to take a detour than will turn a 2 hour drive into an almost 4 hour trek.  (Insert sigh here)

So I’ve got a choice.

I can complain about my bad luck.

I can dread the extra long drive.

I can moan about having to set my alarm two hours earlier.

I can attempt to elicit pity from everyone I speak to.

Or I can enjoy the detour.

The reality is, I will be driving through some beautiful countryside, combining gorgeous coastal vistas and rugged mountains.

And compared to those whose properties and lives are in danger from the fires, what do I really have to complain about?

So the next time life forces you on a little detour from your intended path, don’t sulk and feel sorry for yourself, just keep going and enjoy the journey.