You can stand up in front of your people and make grandiose statements.

You can put fancy slogans on the walls.

You can read books about culture and give them to all of your leaders.

You can have surveys and focus groups.

But culture isn’t formed that way.

It’s formed by the way you treat the cleaner.

It’s formed by your facial expressions during good times and bad.

It’s formed every time you praise or give feedback.

It’s formed when you remember that the new guy has a pet pug.

It’s formed by what you ignore and what you point out.

It’s formed when you notice that someone is having a bad day and you stop long enough to show that you care.

It’s formed in the little, seemingly insignificant actions that you consistently take, that in isolation don’t mean a lot, but when accumulated become incredibly effective and pervasive.

If you want to create a better culture where you work, don’t look for the one grand moment, look for the thousands of opportunities to personally role-model and demonstrate your core values.