Basketball is one of my favourite sports and I’m always intrigued by those guys who battle against the odds.

In the NBA, the average centre is 7 feet tall, but there are a few players who have been able to carve out a career despite being a relatively diminutive 6 feet and 8 or 9 inches.

Every game they’re looking up at their opponents.

Every game they’re involved in a mismatch.

But they don’t take a backwards step.

What they lack in height, they make up for in heart.

They hustle like hell.

They battle with bravado.

They are determined.


Full of grit.

Sometimes, we feel as though we are that under-sized centre.

We look around and others seem to have more natural talent, more good fortune.

When that happens, we have a choice.

We can shrug our shoulders and give up.

Or we can out-work and out-hustle those around us.