We so want to tell our own story.

We want to boast about our achievements and have others marvel at our brilliance.

Or perhaps, we have a need to complain about life’s inconveniences, allowing the people around us the opportunity to support us in our hour (or in some cases decade) of need.

We may occasionally ask others how their day was, but we don’t really listen or care.

It’s time to listen and care.

Let’s allow others to feel good about what they’ve been able to accomplish.

It may not seem impressive to you, but it matters to them, so make sure that they know it matters.

And don’t be afraid to allow others to debrief the negatives of their day.

In allowing them to share their burden, we help to lighten their loads.

How was your day?

A simple question that’s not meant to become a pre-cursor to our own stories, but a genuine enquiry about the wellbeing of others.