Up and coming musicians are discovered when they play in public.

Not when they think about it.

Rookie athletes are discovered when they try out on the pitch.

Not when they hide in the stands.

Inventors are discovered when someone gets their hands on their work.

Not when they have an idea.

Politicians are discovered when their name is on a ballot.

Not when they think they can do better than the incumbent.

Young writers are discovered when they shove their work in someone’s face.

Not when it sits in a drawer.

The next big actor will be discovered at an audition.

Not in front of a mirror.

I don’t know what your skills or aspirations are.

But if you want to be discovered, you’ve got to take the risk and put your work out there.

It might suck at first.

You may receive too many rejections to count.

It may be challenging and it may take years.

And you may just get discovered.