Sewing is a lost art and one that I have never learned.

Despite the enthusiastic efforts of my Year 9 Textiles teacher in High School, I haven’t quite mastered the needle and thread and whatever I did manage to learn I have long forgotten.

And now I find myself being taunted by that same needle as I attempt to mass produce home made face masks for a family of five before they become mandatory in our neck of the woods in just a couple of days.

Of course, everyone has an opinion.

Madison correctly points out that I’ve managed to sew one of the sides the wrong way around.

Karen shows me multiple YouTube videos from needlecraft maestros who only manage to confuse me more and damage my faltering self-esteem.

The boys mock the look on my face as I fumble around trying to thread the needle.

It’s a face mask, how hard can it be?

“If it’s so easy you try!”

Sorry, I’m just frustrated.

I wish that I had learned to sew, but before now, there has never been the need. I’m not even sure how we managed to have a sewing box in the house.

And so I try and I fail, and I try again and I fail again.

But I also gradually learn and I get slightly better with each attempt.

And in doing so, I remember that we really can continue to learn new skills if we really need to and we really want to.

And now I have a couple of comical looking face masks and an important life lesson.

Stay safe and keep learning!