I was recently asked what three things I missed most while we are in lock down here in Victoria.

It was an easy list for me to come up with and the reality is that I could have mentioned a lot more than three things.

But on reflection, it was the wrong list.  The wrong focus.

If all that we focus on are the things that we are missing out on, isn’t it inevitable that we are all miserable and in full of despair?

What if I remembered that I get to spend more time with my family, especially the kids?  They will only be young once, what a wonderful opportunity to get to know them better and speak into their lives.

What if I relished those evening walks with the dog and the family, enjoying the fresh air through our masks and waving to our neighbours?

What if the sudden change of pace was seen as a blessing and not a curse?  Hours normally spent commuting or running around to various activities have been reclaimed.

Let’s not focus on the wrong things.

Let’s stay optimistic and positive.

Let’s bring light to the gloom.

Let’s remove the weight of negativity from our own shoulders.