Just imagine that when you wake up, you find a bucket full of water next to your bed.

And then, as you wander around to the day, you carry that bucket with you.

Every now and then, you stop, and pour out some of the water, bringing life and the potential for growth to the dry, parched earth.

And then, you keep walking, looking for more dry patches that can be nourished.

Now, imagine that you did this every day.

How much life would you bring?

What kind of impact would your water-pouring have?

After one day, it may seem insignificant.

But what about after a month, a year, a decade?

Now imagine that the words you speak are an opportunity to bring life and the potential for growth to the people you meet.

And imagine that you used your words wisely, and generously, and deliberately.

If you did this every day for the rest of your life, how big would the impact be?

Carry a bucket of water.

Change the world!