Today, two angry old men ranted and raved at each other, trying to convince voters across the USA who was the most trustworthy.

At the same time, millions of people watched the two angry old men and ranted and raved at their television sets as they tried to decide who was the least trustworthy.

But as the angry old men rant and rave, it’s easy to defer our own responsibilities.

I’m not talking about our responsibility to vote, although I strongly believe that this is very important.  Voting is compulsory in Australia and it’s a great duty that I take very seriously.

I’m talking about our responsibility to take charge of our own destinies.

Not to hand it over to angry old men, as if they will solve all of our problems.

Not to tie the potential for own success to a particular candidate or party.

Yes, you can choose who to vote for.

But more importantly, you get to choose how hard you work, how generous you are and whether or not you will keep persisting in the face of challenges.

And there’s nothing the angry old men can do about that.