Beige is ubiquitous.

It’s the non-offensive colour that is used on walls everywhere.

When you go to the hardware store, there are dozens of versions of beige.

All allegedly different.

But in reality, all the same.

When you visit someone who has beige walls, you don’t comment to your wife on the drive home, “They were some nice walls.”

You don’t comment at all.

That’s the point.

It’s risky to be different.

Perhaps others will disapprove.

Maybe it’s better to be boring and safe, than bold and criticised.

Here’s the thing.

When God made you, he wasn’t thinking beige.

He didn’t create a person who was meant to blend in.

You are remarkable.

You are unique.

There is nothing beige about you.

So stop hiding and give us something to talk about.

Something meaningful.

Something memorable.

Something that makes the world a better place.