I wish I could tell you otherwise, but the reality is that you won’t always win.

You can practice and prepare and perform to the very best of your abilities, but the results won’t always go your way.

Sometimes, your opponent is better.

Sometimes, you’re just not good enough.

Sometimes, the deck is stacked against you.

Sometimes, there is no clear reason for the loss.

Nevertheless, the scoreboard doesn’t lie.

But it’s OK to lose.

You can learn from the experience.

You can respect your foes.

You can shake hands and congratulate your adversary.

You can display class and build resilience and character.

You can get better.

Three-time AFL premiership coach, Damien Hardwick often says that you learn more from your losses.

And maybe these lessons are invaluable if we are to genuinely maximise our potential.

You won’t always win.

But you can always learn your lesson and play again.