The night before Christmas is full of eager anticipation, especially if you are a child.

Santa is coming.

What will he bring?

There will be food.

Lots of food.

And family.

And singing.

And presents, did I mention that already?

And so, when the head hits the pillow, children are excited

They can’t wait for the day to arrive.

They are determined to get up extra early to make the most of this wondrous occasion.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like if it was Christmas every day.

But what would it be like if we treated every evening as if it was the night before Christmas.

Where we were genuinely excited about the day to come.

Where we couldn’t wait to get started.

Where we listed everything that we were looking forward to.

What a wonder way to live that would be?

I can’t wait for Christmas Day to arrive.

But what about the day after?

And the day after that?

And the day after that?