Today, we took the kids to a theme park.

It had water slides, go-karts, toboggans, a big wave pool and a range of other fun attractions.

Madison and Hayden were excited from the moment they woke up this morning and took full advantage of the day’s allurements as soon as they walked through the gate.

I was feeling old and past it.

I looked around and couldn’t see too many other 49 year-old dads flying down the water slides.

But I had paid a lot to enter, so I wanted to get my money’s worth.

I admit it, I had fun.

Yes, I’m probably too old for it.

Yes, I felt out of place amongst the teenagers in the queue.

Yes, my creaking joints will regret it tomorrow morning.

But it was worth it.

Life’s like that.

There are a lot of adventures to try.

There are a lot of excuses not to.

But if you want to get your money’s worth from this one life that you have, you’ve got to jump in and give it a go.

You won’t regret it.