How many flowers does a bee need to visit to make a pound of honey?

A hundred?

A thousand?

Surely not a million?

It’s estimated that bees need to collect the nectar from 2 million flower to make a single pound of honey.

That’s a lot of activity for seemingly little progress.

Why do they bother?

Surely there’s an easier way.

Don’t they ever get tired of their endeavours?

Bees are designed to make honey.

So that’s what they do.

No matter the effort.

No matter the massive volume of work that goes into that pound of honey.

You’re designed to do something.

Something that adds value.

Something positive.

It won’t happen in a moment.

Your life’s work will most likely take a huge number of small, seemingly infinitesimal actions.

So you had better get started.

Buzz, buzz.