As a sports fan, I love watching the replays of highlights from my favourite teams.

Whether it’s one of Richmond’s three AFL premierships over the past four years, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown doing their thing for the Celtics or Manchester United putting 9 goals past a hapless Southampton this week, I can watch them all night.

But it’s not just sports that have highlights.

Your life to this point has them as well.

Great family moments, successful promotions at work, when your puppy was young and full of mischief.

They are many and varied and deserve to be repeated over and over again in your mind.

Too often we ponder the disappointments in life.

The mistakes, the regrets, the rejections, the injustices.

Let’s replay the highlights instead.

(Got to go now, I have to bore my wife with another Tigers win from last season)