There are times when I look at my kids and think about all of the things that they need to change.

And I’ve been with my wife for over 26 years, but there are still aspects of her that aren’t perfect.

My staff could do a better job sometimes.  If only they were more efficient or more capable.

I have great respect for my peers and my boss, but surely they could learn a thing or two.

If I was really being picky (and let’s be honest, sometimes we all are), my pastor could improve.

And if they would only listen I would have some great advice for  a few politicians, journalists and athletes as well.

But the reality is, the first person that I need to change is myself.

Instead of focusing on everyone else’s faults, I can start dealing with mine.

Instead of shouting from the cheap seats, I can start taking responsibility for my own development.

Instead of worrying about the speck of dust in the eyes of others, I can take out the log that I have in my own.

Instead of hoping that others can make the world better for me, I can start making it better for others.