This morning, someone jokingly said that I was revving my team up too much and they were too enthusiastic.

I was slightly taken aback, but on reflection, is this even possible?

Can you have too much energy and enthusiasm for your job?

Can you be too positive and optimistic about the future?

Can you be reminded too many times that what you do matters and is part of a greater purpose?

To me, it sure beats the alternative.

I know for certain that you can have insufficient energy and enthusiasm.

I know that being surrounded by negativity is debilitating.

And I also know that you if you feel like a very small cog in a very big wheel and if you believe that your contribution doesn’t matter, then you won’t feel empowered or encouraged to do your best.

Can you be too enthusiastic?

Only in the cynics’ eyes.

In my eyes, go for it!